Six months of being the newbie at Fluro

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I have been at Fluro for 6 months now and can’t even begin to count the amount of creative projects I have worked in this time. These have mostly been fun and varied but I will have to admit there have also been a couple of very challenging projects (120 page catalogues!!), but those are very rare. Some projects can last for weeks/months and others are in and out the door in an hour. Every single day is different which is what I love about this job! However, on an average day I will be working on around 2-5 projects, these can range from printed brochures, branding projects, social media, web design, email design, direct mailers, catalogues, illustration, infographics…I could go on… I’ve even learnt how to code emails since working here – I never thought I’d become a techie! Continue Reading →

5 Tips for Creating an Effective Info-Graphic

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Info-graphics are a fun and easily digested medium for sharing information. They are one of the most frequently shared pieces of content on the web. They provide a simple means for communicating what could be a complex topic. If you want to get a message to an audience in a way that will engage them, then we have 5 simple tips to help ensure you create an effective info-graphic: Continue Reading →